Why do we exist?

May 06, 2015

Why do we exist?

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It’s simple. South African writers just don’t have the resources and support that they deserve. There is a wealth of talent in this country, but no one knows what to do with it. The publishing industry is small, and the good men and women within the industry can only do so much.

Self publishing is becoming more and more relevant across the world. The mistrust that many have for a self published work is starting to fade – because there have been so many successes in self publishing. Stick around, and we’ll be profiling a few of these in the future.

ePublishing is not just becoming more relevant, it’s the preferred form of publishing internationally. SA is so far behind on this trend, it’s embarrassing. The publishing houses still fear it, to a large extent, or just don’t have the time and resources to get in there. There is some great work being done by a few imprints. For example, the RHS imprint eKhaya is a purely electronic publisher and has given a few SA authors their big break; authors such as Christine Porter, Celia Bayliss and award winning S.O. Kenani.

But the real power comes in self publishing electronically. Electronic publishing has made it so much easier for writers to just get out there and do it themselves. But just because you’re a writer, doesn’t mean you have your head wrapped around every aspect of the industry. And it’s a complex one, from finding the right editor, designing the perfect cover, to marketing. Oh, marketing, thou dark and twisted mistress.

That’s where eReads comes in. Our team has the industry savvy to help you through the rocky paths of publishing. Whether you’re an author seeking a publisher, or seeking to self publish. Whether you’re a publisher trying to break into the world of electronic marketing, eReads can help. It starts with this blog, so keep an eye.

If you have any questions, drop us a comment. We’ll get back to you personally, or in your very own blog post.

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