What’s the deal with per-page payment?

Jul 06, 2015

What’s the deal with per-page payment?

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In the weeks since Amazon announced their intention to pay authors per page read, rather than per book purchased, we’ve been approached by a lot of authors with a lot of questions. Here’s a quick summation of the top questions and their answers:


1. Why are they doing this to us?

According to Amazon, the reasoning is that it’s not fair to charge the same for a 96 page novella as you would for a 600 page opus, and that the ‘per page’ rule benefits customers and authors alike. It may simply be that Amazon’s main concern is keeping their customers happy, so allowing a customer to pay for just a few pages if they decide they don’t like a book is a way to ensure this.


2. How do I get full payment for my book?

It’s simple – make sure it’s high quality. Have your book professionally edited, formatted and converted. A poor quality book – whether it’s typos, random forced line breaks, or odd characters where your punctuation is meant to be – will put readers off and fast. Never before have the consequences of these things been as obvious as they are now. Yes, sometimes a reader will simply decide they don’t like the style or the subject matter, but you can maximise readership by ensuring that your book is quality. And we can help with that.


3. Will you be charging readers per page?

No. Authors can control what they earn by setting their own pricing, and as such we don’t feel that we need to charge per page read.


What are your thoughts on the Amazon payment changes? Are they a curse or a blessing?

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