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Why do we exist?

Publishing has always been and still is a tricky business. Traditionally an opaque industry reserved for the elite, getting published was a rare, coveted achievement. But the digital disruption caused by the Internet and social media has changed all that. The gates are open. Traditional publishers are no longer the exclusive gatekeepers of the written word. Self publishing has become a viable method of distribution. Authors can write and publish whatever they please.

But that doesn’t mean that they should.

With the opportunities inherent in digital environments come a host of new challenges to overcome. The marketplace is completely flooded. The competition is overwhelming. Authors excitedly upload their novels only to find that sales dry up once both sets of grandparents have purchased their copies. Why does this happen, and what can you do about it?

1. Quality

Turns out the services provided by traditional publishers are actually really important.

If your book is poorly conceptualised or written and littered with errors, it will never be a success. Even the best writers need professionals to coax their work into the best shape possible. As we all know, editing your own work can be very difficult, even if you’re great at editing other people’s.

The same goes for presentation. Let’s face it – just because you can write, doesn’t mean you’re a whizz with Adobe’s design suite, or a technical e-book genius. We are able to evaluate and give advice to ensure that you put out the best possible product, whether you use our in-house services to do so, or your friends and family.

2. Marketing and distribution

Whether publishing in print or electronic form, marketing is one of the most overlooked but vital aspects of the publishing process. How are you going to get your book noticed? Why would anyone buy your book rather than the million others just a click away?

Distribution is equally daunting. There are a LOT of book publishing platforms and formats out there, and they all have their benefits. So what do you choose?

You need a plan, and you need help. Hi there!

How can we help you?


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