Our Services


  • Content Editing: This is the part that authors dread. You’ve written a story, or a text book. You think it’s perfect. Then your editor sends it back and there’s electronic red pen everywhere! You cry, you throw things, you swear at your editor – but if you take your editors notes, and put in the work to really make your content shine, you end up with a book that your readers will love!
  • Copy Editing: When you’ve gone through your content edit, it’s time to check spelling, grammar, word choice, consistency – all those little typos that make a reader’s eye twitch. Odds are a lot of this will have been addressed in the content edit, but a final sweep is vital in picking up those lingering mistakes.

At eReads, we prefer to use different editors for the content and copy edit. Familiarity with a text can cause a person to miss typos – which is also why it’s virtually impossible for an author to fully edit their own work. Our system ensures a low mistake rate of maximum 5%.


So you want to self-publish, but you’re not too tech savvy. Never fear! eReads will assist you in creating your accounts on any desired platform, and guide you through the upload process.


  • Cover design: As any self-pub author worth their salt knows, a book is always judged by its cover. And while those rare talented individuals who write like a boss and can design like one too do exist, not all of us have the design skills necessary to really SELL our amazing story. Which is why eReads has gathered a talented design team to help you out.
  • Illustration: Sometimes stock images are not enough. Our illustrators excel at creating cover art or in-copy illustrations that bring your work to life.
  • Print layout: Print on demand has created a whole new avenue for self publishers. You can now supply print versions of your book, without the massive up-front costs of a print run. Our professional layout artists can assist you in creating print files that fit the various platforms available perfectly.
  • eBook formatting and conversion: Creating an eBook is a tricky thing. Text must be responsive, so that it flows smoothly on any number of devices. Formatting is key to a smooth conversion.


  • Web design: We can assist you in creating an attractive platform for you to showcase your work to your readers. We include an easy-to-use CMS which enables you to update your info whenever you please and blog new info to your readers, as well as SEO to assist readers in finding you easily.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: Ongoing SEO can be added to your package to ensure your ranking on Google is maintained.
  • Social Media Management: Social media is a powerful tool in book marketing, allowing you direct access to potential readers. We will assist you in creating and maintaining Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and / or Instagram accounts, and utilising them to grow your fanbase.
  • Newsletters: Electronic newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your readers, and to build a fanbase. eReads can assist you in writing, editing, layout and sending of your newsletter