Submission Guidelines

Please send an email to with everything required as outlined in the list below. Be sure to write ‘Submissions’ in the subject line of your email. Failure to send everything required in the correct formats might result in an extra admin or consultation charge.

What do we need from you?

  • The file in mobi AND ePub formats. Only in the case of books containing a lot of graphics, do we accept PDF. Please check the quality of your file before sending. We do not accept image files or scanned pages.
  • If you are only able to send unconverted word files, such as MS Word documents, we will happily convert these to the correct formats.
  • Cover image (.jpg file). We try to maintain consistency to suit the grid – the best dimension is 600 pixels high by 400 pixels wide. We do not accept powerpoint presentations or MS Publisher files. We provide a Cover Design service for between R650 – R1 300 per cover. View our portfolio here
  • A “blurb” about the book – your sales description. We reserve the right to edit blurbs for length and content to suit our audience.
  • The price you would like to sell at (Rands) including our handling fee. See the note on pricing and fees below.
  • A category. Select one or more of our current categories, or suggest a new category.
  • A completed Author Agreement form

Our fees

If we receive everything required from an author as listed above, listing your title on eReads SA is free. We only charge a commission on your sales to cover bank charges. Commission is determined on a sliding scale as follows:

  • R15 – R24: 70% commission
  • R25 – R35: 50% commission
  • R35 >: 30% commission

You can track your own sales via your vendor account. Please request payment via email once you have earned a minimum of R200 in royalties. Royalties will be paid via eft for local authors and PayPal for international authors.

Pricing your book

Pricing is up to the individual author, however we do recommend the following ranges:

  • Novella (less than 50 000 words): Selling price R30, author receives R15
  • Novel: Selling price R40, author receives R28

Maintaining quality on the site

eReads reserves the right to request edits, or improvements on submissions. The decision to host a submitted title resides solely with eReads.

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