eReads South Africa is a one-stop self-publishing solution for South African authors and publishers. We offer a range of publishing services, from consulting to e-book conversion, editing, cover design, layout and marketing advice.

We are not a publisher – vanity or otherwise. Rather, we assist authors in developing their manuscripts, and preparing them for submission to agents, publishers or publishing platforms. Our services are frequently utilised by publishers who are converting their lists to electronic format, or delving into the medium with new publications – whether they be fiction, non-fiction or text books.

About Us
We are a team of publishers, editors, designers and layout artists, with decades of industry experience. We have a strong history in the world of traditional publishing, as well as electronic publishing, and are well situated to provide guidance and advice to anyone delving into this field.

We do not work with everyone who contacts us. We work with those who are open to the publishing process, and who are striving towards creating the best product they possibly can. No manuscript is perfect as a first draft – even Steven King and James Patterson are edited. So let us help you to grow as a writer.

Our Work